Waves Ducks Game Strategy v.2

Hello everyone, some time ago I wrote an article about my strategies in the Waves Ducks game, you can read it here: https://tocanto.medium.com/waves-ducks-game-strategy-794d2ef268d3

There I detailed several strategies that I have been following, most of the information described there is still valid and as I said I still apply it.

Now, I want to comment on the new updates that have been implemented in the game and those that are about to be implemented.

Rebirth Machine

The DIP-3 update was implemented, the most important thing here was to be able to test the rebirth machine, which in the end did not work as I thought it would but it was still an excellent addition to the game. I performed several tests, where I got some perches and also 1 Baby Duck.

Now that the DIP-4 v.2 update is coming, those Baby Ducks will enter the game, this in turn will be the entry point for new users who can not enter making a large investment, here they can play practically for free (except the fee for interacting with the SC in Waves Blockchain), this is a big step to mass adoption. When reading the article about the DIP-4 v.2 update we can get valuable information, for example that the Baby Ducks obtained with the rebirth machine come with a 20% growth (very good for early adopters like me, well deserved). Also information about the new $GROW token, its use in the game (and it will be the governance token in the future), this is good in turn for $EGG.

Baby Ducks battles

My strategy this time will be to remove one of my ducks in farming and make him the Baby Duck master Jedi duck, start fighting every 4 hours, win to get the $GROW and thus evolve my Baby Duck. My main idea is to get new Genesis Ducks by evolving Baby Ducks. For me personally, the good thing about the game is to do the crossovers, get ducks with higher Rarity and have them go to Farming, my number 1 strategy to get $EGG. I hope that during the growing process the Jedi duck can be replaced, in case I want to go back to farming the one I am using for a certain battle.

There are many strategies to follow in the game, for me the most worthwhile is Farming, but it’s not the only one, I actually also use the market and now I will play Baby Ducks battles, this PvP is what the game was missing, and by the way the implementation the team will give it is wonderful because it will be a good entry point for many new players, thus achieving the desired mass adoption that we all want in the game.

This is my referral link if you want to join: https://wavesducks.com/3P58vMvwJY1GUbdRwMK16KRGY4dcpjb24SR

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